Webinar: Teachable Moment: Helping Students (and Adults) Address Mental Health Challenges (9/27/23)

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Date: Sep 27, 2023
Time: 11am-12pm Pacific Time
Where: Virtual

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We may not fully understand the impact of the pandemic for years to come, but we know young people face mental health challenges as a result of remote learning, social isolation and other factors. The impact on young women and people of color has been even more acute. As students return to school, mental health professionals will discuss the challenges young people face and the importance of prioritizing the mental health of students (and the adults who work in schools). They will also discuss the role schools play in providing students the resources to overcome mental health challenges.
-Sara Coffey, DO, Interim Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
-Rochelle Head-Dunham, MD, DFAPA, FASAM, Executive Director & Medical Director, Metropolitan Human Services District
-Adelaide Robb, MD, Division Chief, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Sciences
-Tramaine EL-Amin, Vice President, Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Mental Wellbeing