Webinar October 27: An Equity Approach to SBHC Enrollment: Develop your Enrollment Action Plan!

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WEBINAR: An Equity Approach to SBHC Enrollment: Develop Your Enrollment Action Plan! 

WHEN: Friday, October 27, 2023, 9am – 10:30am PST 



Having attended the United Community Schools’ session at the 2023 National School-Based Health Care Conference earlier this year, the Washington School-Based Health Alliance is pleased to host this encore presentation for the school-based health field in Washington state:

A commitment to health equity is a commitment to ensuring every student has a fair opportunity to reach their highest level of health. School-based health centers are uniquely positioned to support health equity by providing services in schools where families have trusting relationships and helping to remove barriers to access. The Community School approach uses an equity lens to consider specific barriers students might have to enroll in services, what trusting relationships in schools can be leveraged to support these students to enroll, and how to make sure enrollment strategies are accessible to all families. Embracing equity in SBHC enrollment is a commitment to serving our most vulnerable students. 

This workshop will utilize community school strategies to help SBHC teams develop equity-based enrollment plans. Presenters will cover best practices for identifying enrollment barriers for high-need student groups, engaging key stakeholders in enrollment processes, and creating a tiered strategic plan to support equitable and sustainable enrollment. Participants will work through a three-part action planning process using these tools, including case studies and group discussions. By the end, participants will have a comprehensive action plan for school stakeholder outreach and targeted student enrollment, while promoting health equity and SBHC sustainability. 


Participants will be able to: 

  • Examine the importance of an equity-based approach for enrollment in and utilization of school-based health services at their site. 
  • Analyze barriers to enrollment in school-based health services for high-need student groups at their site. 
  • Inventory key stakeholders at their site who can strategically support enrollment. 
  • Formulate their own three-tiered plan for enrollment to advance health equity using community school best practices. 


Any SBHC staff, child/adolescent health providers serving students, school staff or administration, and other school-based community organizations. 


Mesha Joseph is a Community Engagement Director for the United Community Schools. She has been in the youth development field for over 11 years and has a Master of Science with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Mesha has always known that she wanted a career focused on social change, and a profession in the nonprofit field has allowed her to make impactful changes in a creative and innovative way; while fostering partnerships and sharing her vast knowledge with others. Throughout her various roles in the youth development field, Mesha has learned that for children and their families to succeed they need access to better opportunities; therefore, she continues to work hard to provide equitable access to resources for her families and provide others with the tools to do so as well. 

Katie Savage, MPH is a Health Equity & Capacity Building Consultant. She served as a Community School Director for United Community Schools with the United Federation of Teachers in multiple public elementary schools in Brooklyn, NY for 6 years. As a CSD, she fostered relationships with local partners to bring a full dental clinic onsite and to establish a direct referral system with a mental health partner.  She has a Master of Public Health with a focus on Health Education and Behavior. Over the past 10 years, she has worked in various roles to provide wrap-around community resources for families, with a special focus on health services. She is passionate about finding innovative ways to remove barriers and create equitable access to community resources for children and their families, which is what drew her to Community School work. Katie has developed and delivered workshops at multiple national conferences to support school health teams to strategically target equitable enrollment in health services.  She is passionate about sharing her experiences and lessons learned with others to better serve our students.