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This webinar co-hosted by the National Association of Community Health Centers and the national School-Based Health Alliance in April 2022 provides an excellent overview of school-based health center partnerships: School and Health Center Partnerships

Peruse recordings and other resources from webinars hosted by the Washington School-Based Health Alliance since 2019:

Mar 2022: Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders in Adolescents During a Global Pandemic (recording) (PDF slide deck)

Mar 2022: Screening for Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders in School-Based Health Centers (recording) (PDF slide deck, handout)

Mar 2022: Consent & Confidentiality in School-Based Health Care (recording) (PDF slide deck, Kinship Care Authorization example, SBHC Visit Cover Sheet example)

Feb 2022: Behavioral Health Impacts of COVID-19, Two Years In: Trends, Resources & Strategies (recording) (PDF slide deck)

Nov 2022: How can school-based health care support equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine for students and families? (recording) (PDF slide deck)

Nov 2022: Youth, Schools, & COVID-19 in Washington (recording) (PDF slide deck)

May 2021: Elevating Student Voices in School-Based Health (PDF slide deck)

May 2021: Resilience in School Environments (RISE) (recording) (PDF slide deck)

May 2021: Creating Safe and Supportive Environments for LGBTQ+ Youth (recording) (PDF slide deck and Post-training Handout)

Jan 2021: Case Study of Student-Led SBHC Start-Up During COVID-19 (PDF slide deck)

Oct 2020: Collective COVID-19 Trauma and Responsive School-Based Health Care (recording) (PDF slide deck)

Dec 2019: Consent & Confidentiality in School-Based Health Care (recording) (PDF slide deck)

Aug 2019: SBHC Outreach and Student Enrollment (recording)

Feb 2019: SBHC Planning and Start-Up (recording)

Student Health Summit 2019

Explore resources from sessions at the 2019 state conference hosted by the Washington School-Based Health Alliance:

School-Based Health Centers:  Models & Services

The Multi-Tiered System of Support:  A Model for Comprehensive School-Based Behavioral Health

Nurturing Pathways to Health & Well-Being for LGBTQ2+ Youth in Washington

Consent & Confidentiality in School-Based Health Care

Where to Start?  SBHC Planning & Start-Up: Community Engagement, Partnerships, and Planning for Sustainability

Creating a Culture of Staff Wellness for Resilient Schools

Trauma-Informed Care in Schools: Theory & Practice on the Ground

State Funding for SBHCs: the Oregon Story & National Landscape

Dental Care in Schools: Models, Challenges & Lessons Learned

Escape the Vape–Data, Trends and Strategies for Intervention of Youth Vape Use

Telling the Story of SBHC Impact and Outcomes: Quality Measures & Data Collection Tools, Tips & Strategies