How to Plan, Implement, & Sustain a SBHC

A SBHC Toolkit

The Alliance is developing a series of documents that describe the nuts and bolts of SBHC planning, implementation, and sustainability in Washington state.  Together they will form a basic toolkit to start up, operate, and improve a school-based health center.

This work, with topics outlined below, is in process. Documents will be linked here as they are developed.

In the meantime, some resources are posted below and if you have questions and/or need examples and templates, please contact the Alliance directly at



A recording of our online panel discussion:  SBHC Planning & Start-Up:  Experiences from the Field and Lessons Learned

  • Business plan template
  • Identifying the need
  • Building & making the case
  • Stakeholder engagement, partnership development & community outreach
  • Services
  • Facilities
  • Staffing
  • Hours of Operation
  • Licensing & regulations
  • Funding options & financial modeling



  • Strong partnerships
  • Sound business model
  • High quality practice