SBHC Clinic Coordinator Toolkit

The School-Based Health Center (SBHC) Clinic Coordinator Toolkit was developed in collaboration with SBHC clinic coordination staff from across Washington state (“Clinic Coordinators”). This toolkit is a guidance resource to support Clinic Coordinators with various levels of experience and knowledge. Whether you are new to the role or an established expert, the toolkit can be used to initiate conversation with your SBHC team, contribute to onboarding of new staff, and/or standardize or improve processes in daily operations. It is important to note that the toolkit is meant to complement your sponsoring organization’s SBHC policies and procedures. The toolkit is not a replacement for these policies and procedures, nor is it intended to be required for training.

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Appendix 1: Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Tool
Appendix 2: Tracking Systems between the School and SBHC
Appendix 3: Outreach
Appendix 4: Clinical Workflows and Task Lists
Toolkit Worksheets

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