Planning, Operating and Sustaining a SBHC

This page is intended to provide some guidance for communities, school districts and healthcare providers in Washington as they explore options and plan to support students through an integrated school-based health center (SBHC) model of care.  The documents and links below offer a high-level overview of SBHCs and SBHC planning and start-up for a broad audience, as well as additional detail, samples and resources for those looking for more.

The information provided here is based on more than thirty years of SBHC experience here in Washington, as well as experience shared by others providing school-based health care across the country.  While each community is unique, and each SBHC may look different as a result, SBHC collaborations share the same goals of supporting children and youth in their health, education, and lifelong wellness.   

As we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality in which we operate can change quickly, and flexibility and creativity are key to adapting. So while the guidance provided here is grounded in pre-pandemic SBHC models and experience, we want to recognize and celebrate the exceptional creativity and commitment of our SBHCs as they expand efforts to support students in Washington through brick-and-mortar SBHCs, telehealth, mobile clinics, and hybrid models of care.

Other guidance will be added to this page when ready for sharing, and please see our Webinar and Conference Archive for additional resources. Contact WA SBHA at with questions and for networking with others working in school-based health care in Washington.

The national School-Based Health Alliance also has a collection of SBHC resources from across the country in The Blueprint.


The information provided on this page is not intended to constitute legal advice and may not include the most up-to-date legal or regulatory information. All information, content, and materials made available here are for general informational purposes only.  School districts and SBHC sponsors should consult legal counsel to obtain advice with respect to their own policies and procedures in accordance with existing laws, statutes and regulatory bodies.

This page contains links to other third-party websites.  Such links are only for the convenience of the reader; the WA SBHA does not recommend or endorse the contents of third-party sites.

School-Based Health Care in Washington: Snapshot

SBHCs in Washington: Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

School Nurses and SBHCs in Washington

SBHC Core Competencies

SBHC Planning and Implementation: Sample Checklists

Resources on SBHC Readiness Assessment from the national School-Based Health Alliance:

SBHC Needs Assessment

  • Contact WA SBHA at for examples of SBHC needs assessments/surveys used by communities in Washington.

SBHC Sponsor Types

SBHC Business Plan Template

Sample SBHC Logic Models: King County and Kaiser Permanente

SBHC Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Frameworks & Planning for Strong School-SBHC Collaboration

SBHC Services

SBHC Facilities

SBHC Staffing

SBHC Hours of Operation

SBHC Funding and Financial Modeling

  • Contact WA SBHA at for sample SBHC budgets.

Licensing & Regulations

SBHC Agreements

  • Example of Seattle Public Schools’ lease agreement (Part I and Part II) and MOU with SBHCs.


Consent & Confidentiality

SBHC Outreach & Student Enrollment

Scheduling SBHC Appointments

High-Quality Practice: Data & Quality Improvement