Planning Grant for SBHCs in Bethel School District

Congratulations to Community Health Care, which has received a planning grant from Kaiser Permanente to partner with the Bethel School District in Spanaway to bring school-based health centers to their community.

Community Health Care, a federally-qualified health center, has long experience and a deep commitment to serving the community in Pierce County and is well-positioned to provide school-based health care in partnership with Bethel Schools. In the coming months, Community Health Care and the district will engage in planning with the support of Kaiser Permanente and the Washington School-Based Health Alliance.

Improving Capacity to Reduce STIs Among Adolescents

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recruiting primary care pediatric practices and school-based health centers to participate in a 7-month learning collaborative. Improving Capacity to Reduce Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs) among Adolescents 2.0 (I CaRe QI 2.0) is an initiative to improve adolescent health care and increase Chlamydia screening in the pediatric clinical care setting. For those interested, one Collaborative will offer a special focus on creating a more LGBTQ-friendly practice environment. For more information and to apply, see flyer here. Applications are due by December 10.

Training Series for Adolescent Health Care Providers

Adolescent Health ECHO (Winter 2019): Apply Today!

Want to improve the adolescent-friendliness of your health center, and provide better care to adolescent patients? Are you interested in virtually working with and learning from other community health centers and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) across the country? If you’re a primary care or behavioral health provider, clinic nurse, medical assistant, or health educator and answered yes to these questions, register for the Adolescent Health ECHO today!  See flyer for details and apply by this Friday, November 16.

Webinar: Referring Adolescent Patients to Dental Services

Last-minute notice for webinar tomorrow, Thursday, November 15, 10:00am PST (1:00pm ET)

Register Now!

Routine professional dental care and oral hygiene during adolescence can reduce the occurrence of oral health diseases and prevent irreversible damage. Good oral health also contributes to improved school attendance among adolescents. As oral health needs increase during adolescence, however, utilization of services has been found to decrease. Less than half (48%) of adolescents aged 13-20 received dental care in 2004 compared to 59% of children aged 6-12. As such, it is important for primary care providers to be equipped with resources and strategies for effectively referring adolescent patients for dental services. To address this need, join this webinar with the Adolescent Health Initiative for an engaging, replicable training on referring adolescent patients for dental services. Participants will receive training resources, health center materials, and strategies for helping young people assess the youth-friendliness of dental practices in their community.


Lauren Ranalli, MPH
Director, Adolescent Health Initiative, Ann Arbor, MI

Ellen Wagner, MPH, MS
Assistant Director, Adolescent Health Initiative, Ann Arbor, MI