Membership Recruitment: Subcommittee on School-Based Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention

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OSPI is working with the Healthcare Authority (HCA) to once again convene the School-Based Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention (SBBHSP) Subcommittee of the Healthcare Authority’s Children and Youth Behavioral Health Work Group (CYBHWG). The subcommittee will continue to advise the full work group on creating and maintaining an integrated system of care through a tiered support framework for kindergarten through twelfth grade school systems defined by the office of the superintendent of public instruction and behavioral health care systems that can: 

  • Rapidly identify students in need of care and effectively link these students to appropriate services,  
  • Provide age-appropriate education on behavioral health and other universal supports for social-emotional wellness for all students, and  
  • Improve both education and behavioral health outcomes for students.  

The group will consist of about 35 members who are demographically and geographically diverse, including youth, family members, school district staff, advocates, and behavioral health providers.

A couple things you can do:

  • Apply to be a member! Everyone interested must submit an application
  • Share the opportunity within your networks, especially with parents, guardians, family members of youth and with youth/young adults themselves!

Application Link:

Attached you will find a couple resources:

A Couple Changes Moving Forward:

  • We will now have shorter monthly meetings, each between an hour and two hours long
  • We are planning to change our meeting times based on preferences indicated in the application

Anyone who has participated in this subcommittee in the past should respond to the survey if you wish to be considered for membership in the next two-year cycle. The current recruitment is for members who will serve on the subcommittee from April 2024 through December 2025. The membership form will close on Monday, March 11th at 5:00pm pacific standard time. We expect to make decisions on membership and announce the date and time of our April meeting by the end of March.