King County Best Starts for Kids School-Based Health Center RFA

As noted in our March Newsletter last week (re-posting here again on blog), the King County Best Starts for Kids School-Based Health Center request for application (RFA) is now open. This funding opportunity closes on April 26 at 2:00 pm.

Click here to view the full funding opportunity details and apply. Note: please create a log-in to view details and access the ZoomGrants webpage.

About this opportunity

Best Starts is seeking to partner with healthcare service providers to implement additional school-based health centers (SBHC) at school locations across King County. Students succeed when they can routinely access safe, nurturing spaces and build relationships to help address the range of mental, behavioral and other medical challenges they are facing. Best Starts partners with schools, families, and communities to invest in school-based health centers, student-focused health centers at schools across King County, to advance educational equity, close opportunity gaps, and support the goals of young students.

Investing in the well-being and health of students through providing direct comprehensive medical, mental health, and other healthcare services promotes learning, school attendance, and strong relationships. SBHC investments will provide direct student support services, with a particular focus on historically under resourced populations (e.g. BIPOC, low income, LGBTQ+).


To be eligible under this RFA, interested organizations must:

  1. Be a public or nonprofit private entity, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), hospital system, or other community-based primary care provider organizations.
  2. Provide or subcontract the full scope of accessible, comprehensive medical and mental health services for its patients.
  3. Have at least one primary care services delivery site within King County.
  4. Have a proven track record (a minimum of three years) of providing medical and mental health services to low-income, underserved, or vulnerable King County residents.
  5. Demonstrate in the RFA their ability to meet all the necessary scope of services listed below.

Through this RFA, Best Starts expects to invest in two new SBHCs.