Job posting: School-Based Behavioral Health Specialist, Meany Middle School School-Based Health Center, Seattle (Country Doctor Community Health Centers)

County Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC) is hiring a School-Based Behavioral Health Specialist to be part of their school-based health center team at Meany Middle School in Seattle. Read the full job posting.

Job Summary: The Middle School Behavioral Health Specialist provides mental health services within the School Based Health Center utilizing a variety of evidence-based modalities and practices to achieve tangible objectives. This position emphasizes promotion of healthy development and prevention or long-term intervention and consistent support, utilizing a collaborative care model, which may include students and their families, primary care providers, consulting psychiatrists, and mental health specialists; as well as school administrative, faculty, and support staff. This position reports to Country Doctor Community Health Centers’ Behavioral Health Manager and also receives technical assistance, guidance, and instructions while working in coordination with the school’s central administration and the CDCHC School-Based team. The Middle School BH Specialist may also be asked to float to our Nova High School Wellness Center, an alternative learning environment with a majority LGBTQ+ student population. Read the full job posting.