In-person training August 23: The Power of HOPE as a Mental Health Strategy

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Capital Region Educational Service District (ESD113) invites you to a free, in-person training event in Tumwater, WA, on August 23, 2023: The Power of HOPE as a Mental Health Strategy.

Today’s schools are wrestling with a great number of issues, but at the core of them all is the mental health of students, families, faculty, and staff. Children and the adults who love them and serve them must feel safe, physically, emotionally, and intellectually to achieve holistic wellness.

Kids at Hope and Arizona State University have been examining the science of HOPE and its intersection with well-being. By understanding HOPE as a cognitive function that is taught and learned, adults are better prepared to address the epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness, often resulting in depression, anxiety, and self-harm.

Go here for additional information, an event flyer, and to register for the event.