Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We believe diversity and inclusion are essential to building a strong organization, authentically engaging with the students and communities we serve, advancing social justice, and achieving health and educational equity for Washington children and youth.

Vision: Our vision is that all children are healthy, thriving and successful.

Equity: Guided by this vision, we work to address systemic inequities and social determinants of health by advocating for integrated health care for all children where they already spend much of their time—at school. Access to care at school advances equity in health, education, and prospects for lifelong wellness and success.

Diversity and Inclusion: Those affected by inequities in health and education know their own experience, needs, and communities. Their voices are essential in guiding effective strategy and realizing change and progress.

To effectively lead and serve as an Alliance, we are committed to inclusion within our organization and in our external engagement and advocacy. We seek and value diversity in identity and lived experience based on race, ethnicity, immigrant or refugee status, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, religion, geography, socioeconomic status, family status, veteran status, and system involvement.