Welcome to the Washington School-Based Health Alliance

Healthy Kids Learn Better

A child who succeeds in school is more likely to enjoy lifelong health

School-based health centers provide a crucial link between health and education, improving outcomes for students in both areas.

Working hand-in-hand with the school community, school-based health centers provide safe, age-appropriate, culturally-competent health care to students where they already spend much of their time–at school. Providing high-quality primary medical, mental health, and other health services to children and adolescents, school-based health centers are particularly effective in delivering care to young people who may not seek or be able to access care elsewhere.

With youth-focused health education and services available at school, more students are likely to stay healthy, feel supported, be in class ready to learn, and graduate.

“One of my students with uncontrolled asthma was beginning to miss a lot of school.  The nurse practitioner at the school-based health center worked with the student and his family on a new medication regimen, and he made it through cold and flu season with minimal absences. Working collaboratively with the school-based health center allows us to provide more immediate and direct interventions for students like him.”  –School Nurse

The Washington School-Based Health Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to advancing health care access in schools and helping ensure the health and academic success of children and youth statewide.